Lamentation of the Unknown Henchman
The Films
by Bob

Here's a list of films that excercise the Lament of the Unknown Henchman.  Complete with commentary, pics, a few rebuttals, and one or two extras here and there.  I hope you enjoy, have fun, etc.  If you have any film titles you think should be added to this list (and why), please I want your suggestions & Q&A!! Email me or hit me up at Myspace!.  I'm also looking for more photos, links and such.  Be sure to run your mouse over the photos for more commentary.  Right, here we go then....

WARNING:Some of the below content contains nudity, hints at nudity, humor, and hints of humor.  Please do not view these pages if you are below 18 (13 if you go by how certain movies have managed to squeeze a PG-13 out of the MPAA)

Army of Darkness (w/ Rebuttal: Evil Dead)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Bad Girls
The Barbarians
Big Trouble in Little China
Deathstalker III
Devil's Prey
Disney's Alladin
007 - Dr. No
Doctor Who - The Daemons
NEW! - Eaten Alive
Emmanuelle 5

Faust, Love of the Damned 
Flash Gordon - 1982 (w/ Rebuttal: Caged Heat II)
Fright Night
Full Eclipse
Golden Voyage of Sinbad
Heavy Metal (w/ Rebuttal: Barbarian Queen)
NEW!- House of 1000 Corpses

Howard the Duck
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom
NEW!- Indian Epic

King Kong - 1976 (w/ Rebuttal: Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck)
Kiss The Girls (w/ Rebuttal: Dead Calm)
Mars Attacks!
Meridian - Kiss of the Beast
Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-syn
Nate & Hayes
Operation Condor
Police Academy: Mission To Moscow
Prisoners of the Lost Universe
Real Bullets
Reform School Girls (w/ Rebuttal: Escape from Hell)
Running Man
Satanic Rites of Dracula
NEW!- Sign of the Cross

Slave of the Cannibal God
Slavegirls from beyond infinity
Spacehunter - Adventures in the forbidden zone
Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Superman - animated series
007 The Spy who loved me (w/ Parody: Austin Powers)
Tales From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood (w/ Rebuttal: VAMPIRE$)
Tarzan the Ape Man - 1980
The Time Machine
Touch of Evil
V: The Final Battle
Vampire Hunter D - 1985 (w/ Rebuttal: Twin Dolls)
Where Evil Lies
X-Files:  Fight the Future


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