Operation Condor:  with Jackie Chan.  Now I think Jackie Chan is just the coolest cat on the fence, but his movies often show less than they should (or could, anyway) of the ladies.  So at one point in the film, the two (anti)heroines are abducted for the slave trade by desert marauders... later they are put on auction in clothes different from the ones they were captured in.  Or at least I think so.  One way or the other, my guess is that a couple of nice-looking girls stolen by lonely bandits are going to find themselves the victims of an all-night probe-a-thon... that's the dream I'm hoping for tonight, anyway (not for me, for them.)  Eva Cobo's looks proves how stupid those ruffians were if they didn't take advantage of that particular situation...
Jackie gets the babes!  Click me, Fool!




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