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Hi Bob,
First let me say fantastic site. I know of two films which you may want to 
add, Massacre dinosaur valley and Mindwarp.

Thanks, Ash!  I'll try to review those ASAP!

M&V...  Good stuff! I don't know why he's"lamenting" though; if I got to change Princess Leia into that costume, I'd still have a smile on my face...
-Galaxy of Terror website

'Dear' Bob,
Just a couple of recommendations to add to your page (Deathstalker & Operation Condor).  By the way, cool page.
- (email address withheld)


Hi Bob,
Love the site. Especially the pulp fiction graphics backround.
Just love those lucky aliens, villans and the nubile young things just
within there grasp.
But that is the problem, "JUST" until some white hatted busy body stops them
before the good bits.
What was the source of the graphics as any similar types I have found on the
net are just to grainy in quality compared to your graphics.

Well Spoken, David.  Down with the White Hats!!!
I'll Have Pulp Art Links up soon!

Bob's Lament,
hi, i stopped by your site from a link from the ring of decent web ring.  i
think your site is a gem.  it is really great.   do you know
of other sites that are specifically aimed at one certain thing that relates
to sexual movie thingies.  geez, im talking like shit right now. sites such
as yours, and the Galaxy of Terror site, and MPT3K and such.  i think those
sites are absolutely great but there aren't enough of them...  well, thanks
for your time.

Thanks for the Kind Words.  Always Apprciated.  Check out the LINKS pages for
the few sites that I have found like Bob's Lament, or those that have related subjects.
Thanks Again!


    I was surfing your site and I find it pretty interesting. You are right in the fact that movies do not show what the henchmen of and Overlord or Mad Dr. do to the women they capture for them before the Dr. ever sees them. All those scenes are always cut out. Maybe they figure horror moviegoers are not interested in that. If you know of any movies that they have not been cut out, please share that with me. 

Ah,  more kindness from my followers.  Check out the Rebuttals and Links for some examples of what is so often missing from the flicks that I have shamed upon my humble site....


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