Dedicated to Bob, and all the "Unknown Henchmen" of movies. 
When the damsel in distress changes costume off-camera, and it comes between
the capture and sacrifice/torture scenes, then you know the missing sequence 
was the lament of an unsung thug of an evil overlord. 
Bob's here to tell you what you missed.   Welcome to Bob's Dungeon

Lamentation of the Unknown
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08/06 - Bob is 'Blogging'.
Check me out at MySpace.com/bobthehenchman
I want your Q&A!! Email me or hit me up at Myspace!

03/14/06 - Bob-O returns with the Italian gore-fest
Eaten Alive!’, complete with un-censored posters,
a collage, and the expected witty banter! Get Clicking!!

09/10/05 - What's THIS?! Your old buddy Bob back AGAIN?!!
Well, yes, your ungrateful bastards. I’ve decided to add 3 movies to
The list today, with pics and a hidden collage. Enjoy – OR ELSE!

01/27/04 - 'Touch of Evil' added, starring Janet Leigh in an unseen
henchmen gangbang, or so I think...
11/21/03  -  Bob Part 3 - BOB's REVENGE!!!
Well, the pages are back up... again... and I'm good enough to add some new
stuff for those of you loyal enough to have found me again.
Where Evil Lies was added, complete with sexy collage.  Same with 
Emmanuelle 5, but mostly because its a nudie-fest...
05/12/03 -  I promise, I'll go find some new movies.  In the mean time, I've added
an episode of Superman the animated series...
01/20/03  -  Here's one more review this month.  Now don't get excited, it's only
Mindwarp with a babe named Judy and Bruce Campbell...!  Also fixed some bugs...
01/07/03  -  Faust, Love of the Damned added, complete with collage.  Dig it.
Also new LINKS added.
11/19/02  -  Ok, don't get excited, but I have TWO updates this month.  Here's the second one,
Beastmaster, famed for its proper use of Tanya Roberts - naked.
11/13/02  -  The Site has been reVAMPed!  GAZE! at the new look of Bob's Lamentable pages!
DROOL! in wonder over the cool new layout!  GASP! when you see all the new stuff including
a brande new movie entry: Devil's Prey, complete with new-style pics!
Drop me a line, lemme know what ya think a' the new place...
08/31/02  -  V-The Final Battle added, and an update to the interview page.
Ya know, even though she was a lizard, I'd 'a porked Diana... Anybody got some movies for me with Laments in 'em?  Need material here, gang...
03/13/02  -  The Time Machine; added... Samantha Mumba; yummy.
01-02  -  No, really, all of the links SHOULD work, lads... updated 03/02
11-01 - Site moves 'cause those assholes over at Earthlink bought out my server.