Metropolis: (1925) Yes, as far back as the films' silent era, evil doers of both henchman, evil scientist, and overlord stature's were getting the shaft.  Take, for example, the masterpiece of early sci-fi, Metropolis.  The master of the city orders the mad scientist Rotwang (sounds like a personal problem, Rotwang) to capture the peoples' spiritual leader, the delightful young babe and storyteller Maria.  He wishes to copy her look to the amazing automoton that he has created in order to deceive the people of Metropolis.  Maria's captured CUT she's chased and taunted CUT she's naked in a Flash Gordon-esque tube for the experiment CUT "False Maria" robot dances the funky chicken in pasties and little else.  Wait... Maria volunteered to get into the evil scientist's experimento-tube naked and unguarded..?!?  What a gal!!!
Fool, my evil plan for making that robot look less like C3-PO WILL work




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