House of 1000 corpses (2003):

Rob Zombie’s directorial debut haunted-house-gorefest may be lacking in cohesive storytelling, but it doesn’t skimp in other areas. There’s definitely nudity and body parts – some of them still even connected to people! Unfortunately for whichever minion(s) got to tie up the female victims of this picture, though, there’s still quite a lot NOT shown on the screen of this screamer. Cheerleaders are missing, foul smells are in the air, but these kids in movies, they just blunder right into the hands of the devil... er, devils. Slashed babes in various states of undress and re-dress are seen over and over to suffer torture and apparently worse at the hands (or whatever) of the ‘Firefly’ household, and when Denise (Erin Daniels) and her friends find themselves running from this crazy family as well, she awakens to find herself bound hand and foot to a bed. Having been undressed in her unconsciousness, she’s now wearing a tiny, drab ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type dress. After that, it gets bunny-suit weird, so I just won’t go there… The cheerleaders get it worse (and who says they shouldn’t?), with one found nude and slightly dead in a car trunk. Still, the movie does seem to pull some of its punches, and definitely leaves the sex and some of the other mayhem to your off-screen imagination…





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