The Barbarians: (1987)  Hey, remember this one?  Its seems to be on the shelf of every Blockbuster and Hollywood video store around, but as to who actually rents it I couldn’t say.  Still, its kind of a precursor to Hercules and Xena in its modern humor twist on sword and sandal flicks with scantily clad babes and evil overlords.  Said overlord is one of the cool ones, though, who takes only the good queen for himself and leaves the rest of the captured babes for his partying men (“The women are yours”, and there was much rejoicing). Still, the Barbarians (and heroes) are morons.  The irony is that THEY have a kind of lament as well, when the scene of their sneak-thru of the Overlord’s harem is cut just as the girls jump our heroes bulging bones.  Other laments: Who got to tie and gag the queen?  Who got to prepare her and whip her.  Henchmen get the women; cool, then what?  AARGH! 
Geez, man...  Can nobody write a script these days?!
Please, ladies, please.  Hey, Click the picture.
Eva LaRue, the babe who never gets naked in this picture



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