Indian Epic (1958):

Fritz Lang’s Indian epic, AKA ‘The Tiger of Eschnapur” and “The Indian Tomb” (AKA “Journey to the Lost City”), is an adventure drama from the 50’s with some very naughty ideas. Our heroin, the lovely temple dancer Seetha (Debra Paget), can’t seem to decide on a man. The german dude is wooing her, but the Prince himself wants her for her amazing boom-boom dance abilities. While she’s busy deciding, the Prince’s former confidant mounts (huh huh, I said ‘mounts’) an attack and snags the girl, carrying her off to who-knows-where. Once they get there (where? nobody knows), our fat Sultan wanna-be tells his men “Fight for her; the winner can have her.” She already looks roughed up before the victor even gets his hands on her, dragging her off to a tent where his boss laughs and watches what MIGHT have happened next if the Prince hadn’t come to the rescue in the following scene. The dude even gets a second shot at it at the end of the epic and still can’t pull it off (though, again, given the state of her Seetha’s torn clothes, he sure tried hard – or so we’re led to believe).

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