Howard the Duck: (1984)  Ah, Lea Thompson in the 80’s; lithe, sexy, young, and guilty of at least one gratuitous panty shot per flick.  Love it or hate it, “Howard” is a flick even George Lucas won’t acknowledge.  Still, Lea spends the last quarter of the movie tied up by the “Dark Overlord” (feh! Some original title!).  He menaces her with a tentacle tongue (had this been a Japanese film, that would have gotten fun FAST), bad jokes, and threatens to bring down other Overlords to possess her body, then the world.  Still, ya gotta wonder what he was up to between scenes, as Lea’s top and mini get increasingly revealing in true Fay Wray fashion with each scene.  A worthy “Overlord” after all…?
SEE this man become an Overlord!  WATCH George Lucas cringe!
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