Mars Attacks!:  (1997?)  Gack!  Tim Burton's ode to 50's B-fares and the collector's cards of the same name has a rather, erm, odd lament.  Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker is among an all-star cast in the hilarious farce that not everyone seems to "get".  Course, I'm not sure I want to understand what kind of sick minds would put the head of a dog on a body as decent as hers (and vice versa).  But they do, and so the martians make french toast out of most everyone in the cast (yet Tom Jones oddly survives) and capture Ms. Parker and her dog.  Cut to an interior shot of the martian craft, where Parker is suspended in a giant jelly tank, reduced now to sexy silver space-age skivies.  Were they hers to begin with, or did the martians dress her in those?  You decide (its certainly more interesting than the fate she ends up having - aint life a bitch?).
Original MARS ATTACKS card, better hair than photo A, tho...




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