Devilís Prey: (2001)  Local small-town-running yet well-dressed and well-spoken Satanists, led by Patrick Bergin(!), are following and therefore terrorizing (as if Satanists do anything else, such as, say, Sunday night Bingo) a group of teens.  Terrorizing apparently involves over the top plots just to track these kids down to eventually capture, drink their blood, and sacrifice them, but hey, who am I to comment on badly planned ideas that can only lead to your prey possibly escaping or, even worse, defeating your coven.  Anyway, they catch the blonde and her boyfriend first, the local yokels doing them in.  The brunette(ish), Ashley Jones, only gets a little farther before she too gets knocked on the nogginí.  Each girl in turn awakens bound and spread, devoid somehow of their original, trendy yet hot, clothing and now clothed in black cotton tube tops and miniís.  The satanic Berginís girlfriend has a good taste in lingerie, though.  Iíll have to include that in my hench-WOMENís costumes.  Anyway, I know this was the cable TV version Iím reviewing, but I also know that it wouldnít have made much difference; we still wouldnít have seen the missing ďHench-satanists strip and re-dress babes for sacrificeĒ scenes.  The only redeeming shot is of the evil Bergin using a wet rag to wipe and clean, albeit badly, the blonde as he verbally taunts her.  Maybe someday Iíll rent the full rated R version to be certainÖ or then maybe not; I have better things to waste two hours on.
Who do I remind me of?
Oh I remember! A Victim!  Click me for COLLAGE!
They'll never find me here!
Ohh, my head.  No more raves, I swear to God.. uh oh.
Its good to be the queen...
Queen BITCH, that is!
AFTER (woweewowWOW)



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