V: The Final Battle: (1984)  The sequal mini-series to the hit mini-series about aliens, who look like us, who occupy Earth under a 'smile and nod' policy.  Turns out they're really... flesh eating lizards!  AHH!  The humans form a resistence, and, in this series, their hot blonde leader Julie gets captured and taken aboard the aliens' ship to be tortured by Diana, an evil lizard babe with a hint of bi-sexuality in her character... would that be beastiality for her?  Now when she was caught she was wearing a dress but now for some reason (as if I couldn't tell YOU why) the Lizards have stripped her nude (off camera action) and decided to put her into a very form-fitting bodystocking (Standard-Issue torture bodysuit).  What follows is an intense and rather teasing session which really feals more like a table dance, reminding us of what we missed in the off-camera stripping scenes.  Those gila monsters; chew on rats like a caged boa, but when you're REALLY not lookin', man are they horny for earth girls!
Whoa, man, I'm freakin' out!




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