Doctor Who - The Daemons: (1971) The popular Brittish Sci-fi show has had several scenes of Spontaneous Costume Change at the hands of evil baddies' Henchmen.  This episode is a prime example.  The evil Master (Roger Delgado) has captured the attractive Jo (Katy Manning) and plans to use her in his attempt to conjure forth Azal, last of the Daemons.  She is led away by the robed henchmen, and when she is brought back into the sacrificial chamber, she is now wearing a (rather unrevealing, as compared to some of the skirts Ms. Manning wore on the show) sacrificial dress (which makes sense, really).  Of course, the Doctor (Jon pertwee here) saves the day, and we're stuck waiting till the next dalek episode for a decent "Jo's knickers" shot.  See HERE for more Doctor WHO.


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