Sign of the Cross (1934):

Cecil B. Demille sure had a lot of sex and violence in his biblical epics. The ending of this particular opus involves ‘the games’ at the Roman Gladiatorial Arena. Amazons spear pygmies, lions eat Christians, Dogs and cats live together – its mass hysteria! Throw nude women bound by flowered vines to pillars and strung up between posts and fed to crocs or left to the advances of lascivious (and somewhat suspect, given their man-walk) large apes into the mix, and you’ve got a real party, I say. Well, some Roman soldiers or henchmen or something got to strip those babes, that’s for damn sure. Whether the gorilla eats her, plays ‘hide the banana’ or just checks her for lice, though, is anyone’s guess. There’s even implied off-screen rape in the form of a gorgeous babe walking up the stairs, out of the hands of the Romans and into the maws of lions, holding her torn dress up in front. This, and Claudette Colbert - old-school babe extraordinaire – is in a milk-bath scene with open lesbian implications. They don’t make ‘em like THIS anymore…

Is Cecil looking... AGAIN?!
Nice dress... wanna fuck?
Time for some Monkey Business...



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