Star Wars – Return of the Jedi:  (80’s)  Truly the lament of every fan-boy alive, my friends.  Tell me you didn't want to see this "sacrificial virgin preparation" scene: Princess Leia, captured by Jabba the slobbering Hutt.  Nearly spunked on by Jabba’s tongue (tongue portrayed by some lucky midget employed by Lucasfilm).  Experiences Spontaneous Costume Change and becomes “Sexy metal-bikini-clad spacebabe slave-girl of a galaxy far far away…!!”  Is told, “Soon you will learn to appreciate me, Leia” by Jabba as we get gratuitous barely-clad midriff and back shots.  She doesn’t dig bondage, though.  Sadly, she chokes him to death and we all sit round blue-balled.  Lovely.  Thanks for jack shit, George!  For more Leia Bikini shots, go HERE.
I am in a metal bikini... NO TOUCHIE!!!
Are you lookin' at my ass?!  Bastard!




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