Eaten Alive (1980): Another in the series of Jungle/cannibal Italian horror thrillers that sees a beautiful blonde (Janet Agren) rush headlong into the dangerous jungle to rescue her sister (Paola Senatore). Sis has gone and gotten caught up in a typical(ly badly written) hippie/death/sex cult and Janet eventually falls victim as well. Jonas runs the compound with a loving smile, open arms, and plenty of death by cobra venom. He includes women being topless during their dead husband’s cremation as part of the regimen, as well as their having compulsory forceful sex with his three brothers on the ashes after the burning is complete. Swell chap, actually. Jonas also likes Bach, which is typical B-movie slang for “evil-overlord madman”. Jonas likes Bach during cremations, post-crematory gang-bangs, and during obligatory death rituals when the cops are coming. He’s not all-stupid, though; he drugs his girls with local ju-ju juice, has his henchgirls strip and paint them (mostly off-camera, hence this rant), and then assaults them with cobra-blood-lubed dildos. Guy’s got a thing about cobras – could be Freudian… Anyway, they all escape into the jungle (our ‘heroes’, not the cobras) and the henchmen give chase. When the sis and another girl get cornered, the henchmen get their moment. In Italian flicks, though, this can go either way. Henchman has a choice here; A) take girls back to compound for the boss, or B) have his way with them there in the cannibal-infested jungle before proceeding with ‘A’. He stupidly chooses C) Rip off her clothes and rape her but forget to post sentries. All the henchmen die and the girls get eaten alive (hence the title). Our heroine manages to escape, despite her newfound appreciation of drugs and cobras, and Jonas goes all David Koresh on his compound. The end.


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