Real Bullets: (1990)  You'd be (un)lucky to find this one in the bargain bin its so horrid.  A team of Stunt Actors (the women of which happen to all be gorgeous) are training next door to a secret underground chemical factory that is actually a front for drug-running.  Its run by Martin Landau (and to think he didn't get that Oscar until Ed Wood)... badly.  The place's henchmen all wear grey shirts and jeans (the good guys in merchandisable STUNT TEAM sweat shirts), drink, steal, die, and cause bar fights (in that order).  The worst of the bunch does nothing but try unsuccessfully to force himself on ANY woman he can find (extras).  When two of the Stunt Babes stumble across secret entrance #4, they get abducted by the drug-monkeys and scheduled for "questioning", to which Mr. Anything with two legs says, "With pleasure".  He drugs 'em up and gets as far with one as getting his OWN shirt off before being called away.  Meanwhile the Stunt Team neglects to call the cops and moves in with bows, arrows, hammers, some guns, two geeks, one old man, and many other useless qualities to rescue the babes.  Most everyone bites it (including the careers) and no one gets laid.  1hr 27 minutes of baaad...
Note model with gun making up for bow-toting goodie in Real Bullets




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