Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-syn:  (1983)  Yet another in a long line of bad 80’s sci-fi B-grade Mad-Max rip off flicks.  Our hero is hanging with Kelly Preston(!), but the evil overlord Jared can stare at fires and teleport women to his hideout (nice trick, really).  There Kelly tries to look frightened, defiant, and sexy in tight space clothes all at once.  Meanwhile the hero bloke continues his quest for Jared (despite all of this), hooks up with Tim Thomerson (Dollman, Iron Eagle!?) and Richard Moll (Bull from Nightcourt!!).  This takes a day or 2 of bad 3-D filmed adventures and worse plot devices until said hero finally finds Jared.  In the meantime we've seen nothing of what's gone on at Jared's hideout.  Now you CAN’T tell me you and your henchmen can have Kelly Preston prisoner, as your personal playmate, for 24 hours and NOT do anything with her.  And just to add insult to crap, Jared Syn escapes… he’s never even friggin’ DESTROYED!!  It's the title for crissakes!
Good poster layout, baaaad movie
Audience appreciation moment - Kelly Preston's Amazing breasts from a film that was NOT Metalstorm




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