Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: (1977)  Of course, its not every day you'd see a tomatoe having sexual relations with somebody, either (SEE 'Army of Darkness' Rebuttal).  At one point in this classic B-flick comedy, the killer tomatoes are beginning to reach ultimate size and attack velocity.  Soon the tomatoes have taken over the bulk of the US except, like, Ohio (which is doubled here by San Diego).  The Narrator says, "Across the length and breadth of the nation, the killer tomatoes continue their rampage of wanton destruction.  Burning (scream!), Pillaging (Scream!), RAPING (SCREAM...*!*)."  I spose this is the Lamentation of the unknown henchplant...  I can't believe I just included this film here.  Maybe I played one of the tomatoes and just can't remember it...
babes in the cluthes, erm VINES, of evil tomatoes...  Mother of God.
Glub - HELP!! - Glub Grumble Grumble



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