X-Files:  Fight the Future: (1998) A bee that magically hibernates in her suit, until the trip back from the secret corn field base, stings FBI agent Scully (Gillian Anderson).  Upon being stung, an ambulance is dispatched to retrieve Scully, but that turns out to be the bad guys in disguise.  Mulder is shot, while Scully is taken away.  We later see a fully clothed and unconscious Scully being loaded into a cargo plane bound for who knows where.  After finding out the exact GPS location of the new hidden base, Mulder searches out for his missing partner.  Amazingly, he finds her.  She’s now naked, floating in this green vial of liquid, her clothes still dry as a bone back inside the carrying case the baddies brought her in.  Meanwhile, back in front of their VCR’s, every fan-boy in the world still begs for what they missed in yet another sad case of Spontaneous Costume Change, not to mention the deftly hidden nude goodies once Mulder extracts her from the vial.  That, and the extra pair of pants she finishes the scene in that Mulder just happened to have with him.  Go back and watch season 1, lads; she showed more skin.
mmm, don't YOU wish I loved nerds....




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