Tales From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood:  (1996) Dennis Miller and Erika Eleniak Vs. vampires portrayed by Angie Everheart and Cory Feldman?!?  This movie has problems already!  But it is not simply a henchman's lament, as Angie is the really the ringleader of vamps here, who's obvious semi-lesbian scene was an off-camera event.  She and Cory gloat over the bound Erika, running hands and threats over the former playmate's curvy bod.  When Dennis finds her, he checks her neck for bites.  He shoulda looked lower, as Erika, in rather typical horror fashion, ends up a vamp as well.  For in the closing scene, Erika's skirt rides up enough to see the bites marks - on her upper inner THIGH.  She digs in to the comic (Miller), fade out, and the Crypt Keeper ends our story.  *sigh*
To make up for the Lament a little CLICK ME
Crypt Keeper - nuff said.

REBUTTAL: John Carpenter's VAMPIRE$:  (1998) Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith) is, again, more the Overlord of this flick than a henchvamp, but we'll let it slide.  He's just snuck into the hotel where a victorious James Woods and slay-crew are having some hookers over for the night.  One of said nude-o babes is the beautiful Katrina (Sheryl Lee of Twin Peaks).  She gets cornered by Valek, Vampiro Numero Uno, who decides to turn her from Lady of the Night to Creature of the Night by going downstairs on her and biting her, well, in a spot that gets quite the standing ovation from her senses. This isn't even the softcore action that such a scene coulda been, but it was erotic nonetheles.  Plus, we get a great ass-shot of Miss Lee later, when Daniel Baldwin ties her naked to a bed for no other apparent reason than to let us see what perfectly formed buttocks she has.  Still, if you must see a little more, click HERE
Just hangin' round, checkin' out the twin peaks
Gratuitous Bum pic.
Oh, so Baldwins have to TIE their women down...




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