Running Man: (1987)  Arnold, who is forced out onto stage wearing the jumpsuit / prisoner attire and bound in chains, manages to walk into a shot wearing one outfit, only to cut to a close up of Richard Dawson, then back to a panned out shot where Arnold now wears the spandex attire of Running Men (do I get that with the board game version)?  And to further insult viewers, they drag out a fully clothed Maria Conchita Alonso from a secret room (where she's too busy stealing MiniDiscs and hiding them who knows where), to be brought before the Fuedmaster himself now wearing the matching spandex.  You sorta have to wonder; why do Arnold and Maria get matching outfits, and the black guy and geek get the other matching set?  Then, ask yourself why do the black guy and geek get to die?  Is the infamous translation of the Red Starfleet uniforms theory?
I Vill Break You
AAAIIEEE!! you'll never believe what's hiding in my koochie!




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