Touch of Evil: (1958)  Orson Welles' classic film noir stars Chuck Heston as the mexican cop who's stacked american blondie wife (Janet Leigh, AKA Mrs Tony Curtis, AKA that girl from the shower scene in Psycho) gets caught up in a plot to discredit him.  Left in a seedy motel by her lonesome on their honeymoon, she turns out to be the only one there, and the place is run by senior Boss badguy himself, watched over by his 'boys'.  They're a bunch of hooligan henchmen with fast cars and ugly women.  El Senior Boss wants Heston to face a drug rap, and for that he wants the wife to end up to be found naked and drugged-out after a 'wild party'.  Henchboys willingly comply; The setup begins when the boys corner Janet in her hotel room, catching her in her PJ's.  
ah, the 1950's, when women lounged alone in the coolest lingerie... The leader tells his girls to get out, but they wanna watch (my kinda girls, even if they were ugly).  "Grab her legs," he orders the others.  The Boss later claims that nothing 'really happened'; that the girls stripped her down and that she was given a truth drug, but I know henchmen... And I know I wouldn't have been able to get a room full of horney hooligans to just 'fake it'.  Poor Janet; stabbed one way or another every time she enters a hotel room...
One, two, three... nine, TEN?!?!  Are they ALL for me...??!!?
She is goink to wakey with suuuch a headache, mang....



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