Ghostbusters:  (1980s)  Sigournee Weaver is hearing bumps in the night in her apartment, and it aint the neighbors promiscuity.  Hey, Demon henchmen have needs too, and when old Zuul wants a babe for possession, he sends his little devil dogs to get her.  Evil hands pull our heroin into her laz-e-boy, cover her mouth, and cop a few feels while holding her down long enough for the closet to swallow her.  When next she appears, demon love seems to be enough to change any woman (see Army of Darkness), as shes experienced costume AND attitude change.  Hey, how d'ya think that demon GOT in her, anyways?  For that matter, how'd the devil dog get IN Rick Moranis?  Uh, ew...
demons cop a feel!



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