Golden Voyage of Sinbad: (1974)  In this case, its the Lamentation of the Giant Cyclopian stop-motion animated Centaur.  See, the local tribesmen (all aparently members of the Alice Cooper Lookalike Foundation) just threw the beautiful Caroline Munro to their OTHER living god (they have two - go figure) Mr. Cyclops, mostly just because she bears the mark of ol' one-eye.  He shows up, she faints, he carries her off.  When Sinbad finally manages to find her, she's been tossed down a pit where she sits sobbing like a school-girl.  Did Cyclops-boy toss her there 'cause she screamed and couldn't cook, had he already had his way with her and decided her a dead lay, or was he just too dumb to know what to do with the chicks the natives kept tossing him?  The world may never know...
Nuthin' like harem costumes and heaving brittish bosoms



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