Slave of the Cannibal God: (1978) Ah, the 70's.  Horrid music, bad editing, worse lighting, gratuitous gore...  This movie has two things going for it, and they're both attached to Ursula Andress.  Oh, and Stacy Keach is in it - (one hour into the film later) - oh, wait, he's dead.  So much for top billing.  This is another Lamentation of the stupid henchmen.  Captured by Cannibals, Ursula is thought to be some God's bride.  We do get a "naked bound Ursula oiled up by native girls" scene, but as to who stripped her bare or put her into her bridal, erm, skins is an off-screen mystery.  The natives seem content to leave her tied for the Gods after that, except for one idiot who unties her before making his unwelcome intentions known.  He's promptly, and justifiably, slaughtered by those cannibal dullards who STILL leave her tied up, alone (morons!).
don't hate me because I am beautiful in an Italian B-flick (CLICK ME)
Hey, Ursula, babe - just slide the rope off the end of the stick, hon




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