Emmanuelle 5: (1992) Emmanuelle, the world’s most beautiful, nymphomaniac woman to ever be played by a dozen actresses (in this case Monique Gabrielle), ends up in the country of an Arab Sheik.  She pisses him off by suggesting to a virgin sacrifice the night before her consummation that she take her own virginity by using a towel Emmanuelle deftly rolls into a dildo (done this before, girl?).  The Sheik is understandably pissed, so he has her thrown into the harem.  While it is unclear whether this guy’s henchmen get much action beyond the lovely scenery, the henchwomen do have it fairly well off; they order Emmanuelle to strip (easy enough for a sex-addict), and then the harem girls and their mistress prep our blonde heroine (who feigns a pout over such “unwanted” pampering) in order to become a sex slave, with the sheik watching all the while.  In any case, I have no respect for said Overlord; he never should have let Emmanuelle out of his site, much less thrown her into a room full of OTHER naked women without having his way with her first.  Instead, one of the bombshell’s lovers helps her and many of the harem slaves to escape, getting many of the poor, semi-defenseless (if you don’t count the fully-automatic machine guns) henchmen killed in the process.  What kind of a boss let’s something like that happen…?
UnHAND me!!... Are they looking?...  Wanna fuck?
I won't be needing THESE anymore...  CLICK ME
Emmanuelle Before...
Emmanuelle After... (Click for collage)



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