Mercenary:  (1997)  You know its quality action movie time when Oliver Grunner teams up with John Ritter to stop stop the evil forces of the bad guy from Karate Kid.  Once our heroes are imprisoned, the bad sensei turned Evil Overlord (complete with guerrilla soldiers, machine guns, dogs, and castle) gets drunk and calls for a wench from the local stable.  The guards arrive with a beautiful brunette wearing nothing but a see-through red robe.  But Oliver's on the move to kill our heroic ex-sensei who's busy groping and pumping away at the chained up brunette, left standing before a firepit at the mercy of his advances.  This is a prime example of the "Lamentation"!  Unknown Henchmen bring a prepared, scantily clad female before Evil Overlord who gets to have his way (at least somewhat on camera) with her.  Whatever fun can be gained through "preparing" said female can only be guessed, as it was all off-camera.  And once Oliver shows up it all goes south, interupting the overlord's entertainment and killing the girl in the crossfire!  Good guys suck!
Bathe her, and bring her... oh, here she is.  Thanks.  now CLICK ME




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