Flash Gordon:  (1982)  The remake of the classic comic/serial of the golden days of adventure and bondage, my lads.  This movie version has plenty of half-naked babes, not least of which was Ornella Muti as the Princess Aura.  Eventually she has an interrogation scene of whipping that opened the sick imaginations of many a small boy, I’m sure.  The imaginations, I say, mostly because it teases in the most awful way.  Evil Overlord Minion Klytus orders that the “Bore Worms” be brought and put on her to make the interrogation more interesting.  Who or what the bore worms were, what they did, or how they DID it remains a mystery, I’m sad to say.  Well, I was there, and I COULD tell ya, but then I’d have to kill ya…
Take me to your leader

REBUTTAL: Caged Heat II.  “Strip her to the waist and whip her in the prison square” scene is intact here for a nice change.  They just don't make WIP (Women In Prison) flicks like this anymore.  I’m guard #2 in this one….
Gratuitous Bra and Panty Shot
Oh good, town beatin'.  Haven't had one o' them in days


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