007 – The Spy who loved me:  (1977) This low point in the Bond series is also a henchmen’s lament.  The Russian Love-interest of Bond’s is kidnapped during the “Secret lair climactic battle scene” in one outfit, found again in secret overlord lair #2 in a sexier outfit, tied to The Comfy Chair!  I’m sure she voluntarily changed into the revealing futuristic fashions to be readily gloated over in the chair of death by the Evil Overlord...  Sure.
Grapefruit, Mr. Bond.  Breasts, hooters, gazangas, pontoons...

PARODY: Austin Powers movies.  Powers and/or thoughtfully innuendo-named babe captured by Dr. Evil (Evil Overlord) and experiencing spontaneous futuristic sexy costume change before climactic battle sequence.  Classic, if lamentable.



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