Faust - Love of the damned: (2000)  I only saw the 99 minute 'R' rated pansy American cut, not the 101 minute 'Unrated' Brazilian(!!) cut, but still this movie has an impressive amount of gore and implied sex.  Still, 2 minutes CAN make a difference.  Look at 'Basic Instinct'.  Based on the comic book by Tim Vigil and David Quinn, Faust tells, of course, of one man's deal with Mephistopheles (or the Mysterious 'M', played here by Andrew Divoff) and the demon killing machine it turns him into (as in he's demonic and a killing machine, not that he kills demons... bugger off, you get the idea!).  I’m told these are hard deals to back out of, ones with devils.  Well, if anyone can, it’s Yours Truly, old Bob-O.  So anyway our anti-hero’s psychologist and girlfriend, Jade de Camp (Isabel Brook), gets betrayed by her cop friend (never trust Jeffrey Combs) and ends up in the clutches of M and his nympho sidekick, Claire (Monica Van Campen).  Claire’s made a bit of a coup’ de tat, though, and she thinks she’s offed the man-of-pitchforks himself and taken over his satanic mansion.  Riiiiight.  Anyways, she throws Jade in the pillory and obviously whips the clothes right off her back, because the next time we see Jade she’s in a chain-mail bikini and metal cage, hooked up for some electro-shock therapy so she can get "more in touch with herself".  Course, Claire’s got M’s house and followers at this point, and even a nymphomaniac needs henchmen to prepare her playthings for her when she thinks she’s in charge, so you never really know what happened in the missing scenes (not that I think the ‘unrated version’ shows this… let’s face it, it’s lamentable to be a henchman sometimes…).  This flick tried hard nonetheless, but never quite hits the mark of true debauchery.  Ah well, at least the giant phallic demon devil that rises out of the pit to kill everyone at the end is fairly well realized for a low-budget b-movie.  Enjoy.
Gimme that shirt! this is bondage, not Suze Homemaker
ah, what a difference a missing scene makes.  CLICK ME for collage




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