Meridian (Kiss of the Beast):  (1990)  Sherilyn Fenn and friend have been silly enough to invite in a traveling freak show for dinner.  Stupid girls.  Soon they've been drugged and seperated, the ringleader undressing and fondling Sherilyn while the midget salivates over the friend (played by the beautiful Charlie Spradling).  The film keeps cutting between the two girls being stripped and fondled, and eventually pinned by the ringleader and his brother.  Yet we never really see what happened to Ms. Spradling while she was with the gypsy band and dwarf during the whole changing hands of strippers and lovers (who accost the naked girls) bits.  Call it the misplaced "molesting midget" scenes, or "freaks get freaky" or...  Ah, you get the idea.
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