Superman - Brave New Metropolis: (animated)  There are those who do not understand the desire some people can feel towards hand-drawn women or the sex acts they may or may not be involved in, whether it has been animated or otherwise published.  However, animated erotic XXX T&A is an obvious market nonetheless, otherwise there would only be about one anime porno out of Japan instead of the, ahh, GAZILLION there now are.  That in mind, I present the american 1990's animated version of Superman, the series.  In this episode, Lois Lane, babe in a pleated skirt, is transported to a parallel universe where facism is vogue.  Sounds like a fun place to rule, actually.  Anyway, ol' Supes and Lex Luthor have joined forces here to reign in the insanity of city life, putting Mercy (a rather mean spirited hench-woman) in charge of the gestapo.  Bad guys catch Lois, threaten her, instruct underlings to interogate her, yadda yadda... skip to the next scene where Lois's sexy-yet-business-like outfit has been torn, by Mercy it would appear.  Thus ends our implied animated-lesbian-henchwoman portion of an older, yet still cool, episode of Superman the series. 
Yes, I was despertate for material this month...
Obligitory Wizard of OZ joke HERE...
help, Ive been molested by an SS bitch... and I liked it.



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