Slavegirls from beyond infinity: (1987)  AKA the Further Low Budget Remakes of "The Most Dangerous Game."  Two slavebabes in leather bikini’s (naturally) escape their cell, steal a ship, and crash on a jungle planet seemingly inhabited only by Christian Bayle’s “American Psycho” 80’s template and his two hench-robots (the guy even looks like Bayle… kinda).  He seems to have more uninvited guests, and regularly too for being the sole dweller of a world that tractor-beamed the girls into their predicament.  But these are clueless spacebabes and this is a B-movie.  Brinke Stevens is the first to wake up suddenly chained in a dungeon.  Zed, their host, rips off her lace corset (which was an outfit she hadn’t had on before, so I blame it on a lament of an unknown henchrobot) and then uses his robot to hold her down.  We cut to Zed smoking a cigarette (an acceptable 80’s metaphor for having “just done the deed”).  Brinke gets the Queen of Squirming award, even when all three girls are tied up, being told they’re going to be hunted.  In the end, more sleaze, more laments, and more laughs.  Rent it.
Funny, I don't remember tying myself up before I went to bed.  CLICK ME!




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