Prisoners of the Lost Universe: (1983 - TV?)  Wouldn't ya know it, but the local scientist guy in LA (doubled here, judging by the cars' steering sides, by Europe) has built a teleporter to a parallel universe (or is THAT why the steering wheels are on the wrong side?).  Scientist, babe ("Carrie", played by Key Lenz), and kendo sword chump ("Dan" - The Man, played by Battlestar Gallactica's Richard Hatch) all fall into bad SFX world ruled by Warlord (John Saxon).  Babe gets captured, hit on, brought to Warlord's citidell (doubled here by concrete bunker), placed in harem, rescued, captured...  and this is the subplot.  Somewhere between her re-capture and the second rescue attempt, she FINALLY experiences Spontaneous Costume Change (from earth clothes to small white cotton thing) and caged by whatever unknown henchman performed this lament.  On cue, the (seen or Known) henchman who'd hit on her before and was spurned tries again to attack her (although he's too stupid to try it IN the bloody cage) and is now spurned by the successful rescue.  Ok, decent sword choreography, no T&A (really), nonexistant SFX... HEY, this movie SUCKED!!
And once again, forced by an obscure movie to find pics from less obscure movies




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