Southpark: (Rainforest Schmainforest - 1999)  I'm really confused here; I just don't know whether or not to feel cheated by this instance of Lamentation or not.  Bugger.  Ah well, I'll explain.  Jennifer Aniston guest stars as a field trip conductor saving the fragile rainforest in this episode of the popular raunchy "cartoon" series.  Of course, being represented as Southpark animation, the usually highly attractive Ms. Aniston is, well, poorly animated.  So, uh, she and the kids of Southpark get lost in the Rainforest of South America and are soon captured by a pygmy tribe of, erm, things.  When next we see Ms. Aniston's character, she's undergone Spontaneous Costume Change and been offered up in a chearleader outfit (which... is kind of a nice idea, actually) to a giant version of the pygmies beastie to "make love to".  Well, at least they got the concept right...  Anywho, the construction bulldozers (who were nearby, clearing away valuable, fragile rainforest) come in, impale pygmy heads, and save the day.  Which I suppose is Ok, considering that naked Southpark characers aren't really attractive.
The sacrifices of bad cartooning.
I couldn't talk about Jen Aniston without showing her ass, I'm sorry.




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