Bad Girls: (some crappy year)  A magnum opus of cliche' action and western themes with the mundane spin being cowgirls.  Somewhere within the unrated version's convoluted plot of this Hollywood cowpie (not that the theatrical version somehow made better sense), Drew Barrymore's character gets captured by the bad cowboys.  There's all-too brief flashes of nudity, mixed signals lost somewhere between erotic come-ons and general rape themes, and then Drew spits in Bad Guy's face.  Cut to Bad Guy stumbling pantless and drunk (as if the two rarely go together), telling Henchman #1, "She's all yours." #1 only gets time enough to leer over the bed-tied, rode hard & put away wet, Barrymore before the rest of the Bad Girls effect a rescue.  Off-camera action missing: 98.5%  *grumble*
Oh you bastard, I hate you, I hate you, does this dress make me look fat?
By night, she's the town's most beautiful hussy, but by day she's a GUN-TOTING hussy!



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