That's me, age 11, on the left in 1986, meeting Tom Baker at a convention in Milwaukee Wisconsin...

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On the Left is Tom Baker, 
same Con as above. 
On the right is Colin Baker 
with myself and 
my friend Daryl F. Mallett. 1998

Just one wall at M&V studios (our pad), including signed pics of Pat Troughton, Tom Baker, and Colin Baker.
I love this one.  Great poster from the DW TV movie of Sylvester McCoy and Paul Mcgann.  Never met the guy, but I got this signed by ordering from 1-800-TREKKER....
Above left: a print of my personal art I did around the time of the TV movie; The art is signed by Paul McGann, whom I finally met in 2004.  The matt is signed by Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Phil Segal, Yee Jee Tso, Janet Fielding, authors Stephen Cole, Paul Cornell, David J. Howe, and a plethora of other DW writers and such.   Above: Shelves stacked 2 rows deep and another high of DW books of all ranges, videos and hardcovers. Left: DW minatures, TARDIS key, Limited Ed. Pocket Watch, Wrist Watch, and Lim. Ed. Glow Wrist Watch.

Year 2000(2001): Gearing up for an eventual fan-made video production....?? (That's my home-made console, by the way)

  Year 2004:  Gallifrey 15
Click image at left for larger version:  Gallifrey Con this year was fantastic, having both Paul Mcgann and Sylvester McCoy, along with producer Phillip Segal, Yee Jee Tso, Janet Fielding, and a plethora of others.  My wife Tamera and I, along with friend Brian, spent two days at the Con.  I gave Sylv a copy of my art of him (See the art page for image) and had him sign a copy, along with signing the art of the TV movie for my personal collection.  There was a great homemade Dalek, too.