Blue Moon

Quintin Tarantino

KINGELVISTM destroys city after city when he is again woken from his slumber, this time by a group of Scientologists who stumble onto his island tomb (on the lake outside Graceland).  At a Top-secret Government Airbase and Disco bar designated 'STUDIO 51', US Scientists create MegaTravolta, a beast which towers a full 80lbs above KingElvis, but can also change his size at will to that of a normal (if slightly bloated) human nostolgia freak for easy concealment.  But the two monsters both don polyester and begin destroying nations in tandem.  Nothing can stop their combined might, until Travolta puts the moves on KingElvis's daughter and a titanic fight ensues.  Who will emerge king of 70's survivability?  Find out in this exciting new chapter in the KingElvis saga!
ORIGINAL TITLE: (Japanese) KingElris Vs. Discofeva (2001)
CITIES DESTROYED:  Tokyo, New York, Des Plaines, Amsterdam
MONSTERS:  KingElvis, SupaMegaKingElris (SuperMegaKingElvis), Travolta, SupaTravolta, Cadillac X-12