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C 2003 Bombshelter
Design: Doc?

  Begins in the Bombshelter... Geniuses of Biotechnology and Pyronecrobestiality - having used nuclear explosions, cybernetics, bad plotlines, and a few thousand yards of string - resurrect the Monster King of Rock in a new form... now some 400 meters high!  Now KingElvisTM lives again, sent forth on a destructive mission to make the world pay for its overuse of media hype!  KingElvisTM stomps over the lands, a beautiful girl in each hand, toppling towers with his enormous girth, searing military forces with his rock-n-roll laced radioactive breath and making babes swoon with his rockabilly hairdo and swinging hips.  Thanks to evil scientists, the King lives again, and he has destroyed the building!  Now nothing can stop SupaMegaKingElvisTm!!


SUPAMEGAKINGELVISTM Reduce Foreign Dictators to Smoldering Cinders!!!

...In Terror as KINGELVISTM Attacks a Theme-Park Roller Coaster!!

...In Horror as KINGELVISTM Takes on the Gimmick Based Websites in a Bid for Total Humor Domination!!
...as KINGELVISTM Battles Toe to Toe with Sugar-Coated Pop Stars!!
...When KINGELVISTM Melts Down the entire cast of Entertainment Tonight!!! 
...With Satisfaction When KINGELVISTM at last Devours CUBA!!!



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