KINGELVIS vs. King Kong

Teddy Bear

Ray Harryhausen

KINGELVISTM is attacked by UFOs!  He Fights them to a standstill amongst the rubble of cities, until they reveal themselves as the Masters of Planet Q!!  Using their ships (and their futuristic sunglasses), they kidnap KingElvis and take him back in time to a remote island to do battle with former Earth Champion King Kong!!!  But the Timejump also de-ages KingElvis, and now he must fight Kong on his own terms!!!!  Fay Wray won't know which big ape to swoon over!  A Battle Royal with no equal!!!!!  Come with us on this amazing journey back in time!!!!!(!!!)
ORIGINAL TITLE: (Japanese) KingElris vs. King Kong (1999)
CITIES DESTROYED:  Nagoya, Tampa, Kong Island, Planet Q
MONSTERS:  KingElvis, SupaYungKingElris (SuperYoungKingElvis), King Kong