Blue Moon


Its "Toyko's Town Toaster" versus "M&V's Memphis Master of Disaster" in the biggest fight since KingElvis vs. King Kong!  KINGELVISTM knows when a natural enemy of equal size and strength has impossed on his terf, and he's not about to take it sitting on the pot.  He finds the nearest tower window with a babe inside, and goes forth to defend his masculine monstrosity.  Now, battle after battle shall ensue when KingElvis and Godzilla go head to head for ultimate supremacy!  Can you stand not to watch?!  Special Powers will emerge, convoluted plotlines will entangle, car chases will be the norm, and skirt hems will raise as the heat just gets hotter!  Its THE summer Blockbuster film you cannot miss!!!!!!  You won't be able to; the over-saturation of trailers will make it impossible for you to avoid this movie!!
Plus: The Death of Steve!
ORIGINAL TITLE: (Japanese) KingElris vs. Gojira (2000)
CITIES DESTROYED:  Fukuoka, Tokyo, Houston, San Diego
MONSTERS:  KingElvis, SupaMegaKingElris (SuperMegaKingElvis), Godzilla