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"Mommy, mommy, Look!  I think its a femur!"  "Mooom, Billy's got fingers in his mouth!"  "Billy, get your fingers out of your mouth..."  "But Mom, their not my fingers...!"  "Kids, shut up!  I'm making out with your mother.  Go find some needles to play with, eh?"
Recipients WANTED
A Woman who obviously thinks too highly of her self advertised that she is an Orgasm Donor by placing the sticker on her pooch.  The offer has not immediatly been taken up, so go for it, tiger!
Legally Blonde bitch can suck my... regarding your DOGS:
What, they can't fucking walk?
*CONTINUE reading this article...
NOTICE: As I have had to repeatedly tell you convicts, er, tenants, this is NOT the way to deal with door to door salesmen... at least not right off the bat.  Did I say bat...?