Webcomic coming soon…

 I’m currently working on starting up my first self-published web-comic, so I’m in the throws (throughs? throus? forget it) of watching video tutorials about wordpress.org and such. I’m hoping I can get my page to look cool, be easy to navigate and post new pages to and get it all done in time to sit back at the art desk and keep up with my writer, who keeps emailing pages to me. 

Such are the trials of start-up. Example: I had just stumbled on to Blambot.com (an awesome resource, apparently) yesterday when I found that the old floppy disk I had Comicraft fonts and word-balloons on was as dead as the Sorry-i’m-a-paperweight-now PC that I had hoped to retrieve the files from. Needless to say, thank the gods for teh internet.

I just spelled ‘The’ like a cat.

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